Flexible communications support for you and your team

What we charge

We like simple, and we like flexible. For many of our clients we simply charge by the hour for the work we do. Just send us details of the tasks or projects you’d like us to work on as and when you have them ready. We’ll get busy delivering your communications work, and then at the beginning of each month we’ll send you an invoice for the hours we completed in the previous month. If we don’t work, we don’t invoice. Simple.

This is our most flexible payment option as the flat hourly rate covers any type of work. For clients who like to work in this way we charge £50 per hour. If you’d like an estimate of how long a piece of work will take us please ask.

Some clients only send us briefs for writing work and prefer to be charged a fixed price for each task. This can work well for press releases, features, blog posts, newsletter or magazine articles and website copy. We’re happy to work in whichever way is best for you.

The amount of work that goes into creating a piece of writing is affected by the total word count of the piece (how long it is) and also by the amount of research we need to do to collate the information to include in the copy. To help keep things simple for everyone we’ve built a calculator that does all the maths for us.

For an estimate of how much your piece of writing will cost on a fixed-price basis just tell us how many words it will be and how much research we’ll need to do:


Please note that the calculated amount above is intended only to give an indication of likely cost. The final cost may be higher or lower depending on the exact work involved. We do offer discounts for multiple tasks booked together. If you’d like a quote for your specific project drop us a line.

Whether we work on an hourly basis or a per-task basis, there is no retainer fee and no commitment; we just send an invoice at the end of the month for the work we’ve done – simple, and flexible.

The blog posts were beyond my expectations and fulfilled my brief perfectly – the topic was researched throughout, the posts were written in a very engaging way and delivered on time and the value for money is just excellent.”

– Kasia Bigda, IADigital Ltd