Flexible communications support for you and your team

Do you sometimes wish you had an extra pair of hands?

Flexible support with writing, editing and proofreading as and when you need it.

Like most of our clients, you’re probably juggling piles of paperwork, projects and priorities – and with members of your team working from home, furloughed or perhaps on sick leave at the moment, you’re most likely busier than ever.

Regardless of the pressure coronavirus is putting on your company, meetings, management and reporting can keep you fully occupied and leave you with little time to create marketing materials or documents, update the website, and actively promote your organisation.

The good news is, it doesn’t have to be that way! We’re here to be your extra pair of experienced hands, developing content and making sure all your documents are flawless before they go out.

We can help with writing, editing, proofreading, formatting, graphic design and print management of things like newsletters, blog posts, case studies and annual reports. We can also proofread or format proposals, reports and any other documents.

Our remote team offers the benefits of a freelancer, the expertise of an in-house team member, and the capacity of an agency – all combined with complete flexibility. There’s no commitment and no retainer. We’re there whenever you need us.

How can we help?

Reports, proposals, papers, abstract submissions, award nominations, case studies, press releases, feature copy, brochures, newsletters, blog posts and website updates – we’ve got it all covered. Whether you need a single article today, two days’ support a week, a three-month block of cover, four blog posts by Monday, or just five hours next week, we’ll be there.

You’ll have an experienced team on hand who you can pass work to whenever you’re stretched; one you know will do a great job with minimal input; one who’s always there when you need a helping hand and who’ll get things done so you can focus on the tasks you really need or want to do; a team of skilled individuals who can respond at short notice.

Between us, we have over 75 years of experience working with communications teams in healthcare, the NHS, life sciences and biomedical research. We are skilled at transforming specialised terminology into accessible plain English. Writing about medical developments, technical advancements and the benefits of health research – and what this all means for you, your organisation and stakeholders – is second nature to us.

With our dedicated support, you’ll be able to get on with the bigger projects and urgent enquiries, knowing that everything else is under control. No more stress and no more mad rushes to meet tight deadlines.

Working remotely, we deliver reliable, efficient, no-nonsense communications support – just a phone call or email away when you need us; waiting quietly in the wings when you don’t.

Here are some of the things our clients have said:

“The Effective English Company plays a critical role in our work at ICHP. They ensure that we communicate clearly and concisely and that our written work maintains the high standards expected of us. Knowing that they are there whenever we need them allows my team to focus on doing what they do best (economics and statistics), reassured that there is support on hand to communicate complex work effectively. The Effective English Company is always responsive, flexible and efficient – a brilliant resource to have on hand.”

Andi Orlowski, Deputy Director of Business Intelligence, Imperial College Health Partners

“‘Incredibly efficient’ is the phrase that always comes to mind when I’ve been asked about The Effective English Company. Ali and her team of copywriting talent are one of those rare finds that any organisation would wish to make. I’ve been particularly impressed with their ability to distil corporate jargon and create highly accessible, flowing, client-friendly copy that hits the brief each and every time. They are always professional and can be relied upon to hit agreed deadlines. I can’t recommend their services highly enough.”

Darren McCowan, Marketing Manager, answer-4u

“I was consistently impressed with the way in which The Effective English Company produced relevant and well-written content for our newsletters each and every month with very little input from us. I would definitely recommend The Effective English Company to anyone who could use a little extra help with making their marketing and communications ideas a reality.”

Nigel Skill, Director, Skills Holidays

How does it work?

For many of our clients, we simply charge by the hour for the work we do. Just send us the details of the tasks or projects you’d like us to handle and tell us when they need to be ready. We’ll be on the case right away and have your comms delivered on schedule. At the beginning of each month, we’ll send you an invoice for the hours logged in the previous month – no minimum, no retainer and no commitment. If you don’t use our services, you don’t pay a penny. Simple.

If you’d prefer a fixed quote for a project, just let us know the details and we can put a proposal together for you.

All our work comes fully guaranteed. If there are any issues, we’ll continue working until you’re completely happy.

To find out more about how we can help you, please get in touch:

Even if you don’t have the budget right now or don’t think you’ll need us any time soon, please do get in touch. We’d love to find out a bit more about your team and projects. That way, when you have an emergency or a big project and need to boost your team, we’ll be ready to support you right away.