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Feeling frazzled? Calling in an extra pair of hands could help you find your Christmas cheer

As the run-up to Christmas approaches it can often feel like a full-on race to the finish for busy communications teams. With projects to tie-up and deadlines to meet before people disappear for the holidays, December can disappear in a blur.

Add to this the fact that for many public sector organisations the winter months are often the most pressured, and you’ve got yourself a cocktail for communications meltdown – when what you’d really rather be sipping is a mulled wine. Before you know it, it’s Christmas Eve and you’ve barely had a chance to stop and take in the festivities.

But there are options available to help navigate the tough winter months. Outsourcing to an external agency or freelancer can help free up time to focus on what really matters (we’ll let you decided whether that’s press releases or prosecco!).

Got a newsletter you need to get out before the end of the year? Need a rush on a batch of blog posts? Or do you just need an extra pair of eyes to proof an important report? Delegating jobs like these to someone outside your team means you can free up both time for the bigger projects and, most importantly, the thinking space that is so often squeezed out by all the other priorities.

Maybe you’ve got Christmas covered and you’re starting to think about the new year. What would you like your team to do differently next year? Perhaps your resolutions are to try to step off the treadmill and make more time for creativity? Or to inject a bit more fun into your communications? All these things require the time and space to step back from the day-to-day demands – something an external agency or freelancer can give you.

Perhaps you just need a few extra days’ cover to help kickstart the year, or maybe knowing that you have an extra pair of hands one day a week could help you start planning new projects.

Whatever your requirements, look for agencies with previous experience in your field – many freelancers worked in in-house roles for years before deciding to take the leap away from permanent employment, and have a wealth of experience to offer. We’ve also blogged before about some of the other things to look out for.

It might feel like an extravagance when budgets are tight, but hiring a freelancer who can hit the ground running as and when you need them can be a cost-effective way of dealing with busy times, allowing you to flex support up and down as needed.

It could just be the best thing you spend your money on this Christmas.

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