Flexible communications support for you and your team

Why working with a communications professional could save you money

When businesses think of employing external consultants, they often picture high daily rates, expense accounts and calls for an increased budget – but it doesn’t have to be that way. In communications, marketing and PR there are always plenty of opportunities to spend your money – but there are also many ways to save. Working… Continue Reading →

Has your comms team got ‘green fingers’?

When it comes to forward planning, no one does it better than those who work with the land – the gardeners, the allotment owners and the farmers. To maximise productivity and make the most of what each season offers, they plan ahead – preparing the ground and scheduling planting to get the best from the… Continue Reading →

Can an outside team really help with that?

The traditional model of work has us all travelling to a single building, starting at 9am, and finishing at 5pm. But anyone who’s worked in communications knows that the job rarely fits neatly into set hours, and the work of an organisation delivering public services – such as the NHS – never really stops. The… Continue Reading →

Why effective writing all comes down to trust

Some of our work over the past few years has included editing information for patients with a health problem. Some of those patients will be considering whether or not to undergo a treatment that’s been recommended for them, and the information we produce will be a core part of their decision-making process. In work such… Continue Reading →

How an outsider can help your business

When you’re looking to hire a copywriter or editor, you might think that you need to find someone who’s an expert in your field. But that’s probably not the case. You know your business inside out – so they don’t have to. Similarly, they’re the expert when it comes to writing and editing – which… Continue Reading →