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National Punctuation Day: Why, it. Matters!

When it comes to effective communication, punctuation matters. Full stop. A misplaced comma or ill-judged exclamation mark can undo hours of hard work. At best, it’s distracting – ruining the flow of a sentence and leaving the reader thinking about how it should look rather than the content that’s in it. It’s a bit like… Continue Reading →

World Alzheimer’s Month: Why jargon-free communications are a must

Being diagnosed with a serious, incurable illness is a devastating blow. What follows can be a whirlwind of information from a variety of sources – hospital appointments, leaflets, websites, helplines, well-meaning friends and family, and the media. This mass of medical jargon can be a complex road to navigate for anyone, but particularly overwhelming when… Continue Reading →

The power of planning

Finding time for creativity can be one of the hardest parts of any manager’s job. Carving out the time to step off the treadmill and plan ahead is crucial in any organisation, but it can often fall to the bottom of the to-do list, when there are so many competing demands that all want your attention… Continue Reading →

World Emoji day: Why a picture packs a punch

If you’ve ventured on to social media today, chances are you’ve already noticed things look a little more colourful than usual. In an era where it seems everything that’s ever been invented needs its own official day, today is World Emoji Day (look closely at the date on the calendar emoji and you’ll see why).… Continue Reading →

Keep it simple for effective communication

With 90 per cent of households in Great Britain now online, and 73 per cent of adults accessing the internet on the go through smartphones or other mobile devices, the opportunities offered by developing your digital communications have never been better. UK consumers aren’t just using the internet for shopping – in 2017, emailing was… Continue Reading →

Hitting the road: The Effective English Company heads north

One of the things I love most about running my own business is the diverse array of work involved and the number of inspirational people you meet along the way – which is why I’m really excited that the Effective English Company is, once again, going to be an exhibitor at the NHS Confederation’s Communications… Continue Reading →

Why freelancers could be the key to tackling NHS comms challenge

With the publication earlier this year of the State of NHS Provider Communications report from NHS Providers, we look at the role that freelancers and agencies play in NHS communications. Talk to any member of NHS staff about the key challenges they face and you can guarantee it won’t be long before the words “more… Continue Reading →

The staff challenge: how do you keep in touch?

When you think about staff communications, first ask yourself how you keep in touch with the news. Do you watch TV, read a newspaper, listen to the radio, check websites, or follow social media? Each of us has a way of getting up to date that suits us best, and the variety of methods we… Continue Reading →

Experience counts when choosing external support

Have you ever found yourself stuck in that ‘Catch 22’ situation where it seems you’re too busy just getting through the day to think about taking on extra help to get things done? It’s a common enough scenario in busy comms offices; everyone in the team has their head down dealing with day-to-day work, then… Continue Reading →