Flexible support for busy communications teams

Experience counts when choosing external support

Have you ever found yourself stuck in that ‘Catch 22’ situation where it seems you’re too busy just getting through the day to think about taking on extra help to get things done?

It’s a common enough scenario in busy comms offices; everyone in the team has their head down dealing with day-to-day work, then a crisis happens, you get pulled away to deal with the immediate issue, the regular work backs up and you fall behind (and repeat).

We know what it’s like, because we’ve been there. Between us we have more than 40 years’ experience as both members and leaders of busy in-house communications teams. We know that for outside support to be a success it’s not just a case of ‘many hands make light work’; it’s all about choosing the right pair of hands.

Your time is precious and the more your outside support can pick up independently, the better. We save our clients time and stress in all sorts of ways. For example:

  • There’s no need to provide lots of detail when you first contact us about a piece of work – just tell us a good time to call, and we’ll fit in with you. A five-minute call can cut straight to the point and saves time typing up a long brief.
  • When we do take a brief we’ll make sure we ask all the necessary questions so that we can get out of your hair and on with the job as quickly and quietly as possible.
  • We don’t need you to spoon-feed us information; to research and write a newsletter article, blog post, press release or longer feature, all we need is the name of the lead person and perhaps a relevant website link, report or presentation and we can do the rest.
  • Similarly, if you’re after an opinion piece on a certain topic we don’t need you to supply all the source materials (or even a strong opinion) – just give us a quick steer on your objectives for the piece and we’ll do all the research and write up the copy.

Just knowing that you have someone on hand who can get on with what you need with the minimum of fuss can really help in times of crisis. Having reliable external support on tap when you need it can also help avoid reaching that ‘boiling point’ in the first place.

So why wait for a bad day at the office to think about extra capacity? When you’re having a good day, take some time to make connections with possible suppliers, so that you have support ready to go when you need it, delivered by the right pair of hands for you.

To find out how we could help take care of your communications tasks contact us today.

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